What is a Protandim Business Opportunity?

Protandim business? What is it? All these things always sound too good to be true. That is why we promise nothing and explain everything.

This is also why it can be a bit more complicated to get your head around the ‘science’ behind Protandim and LifeVantage if you are not a scientist. And, let’s face it, not many of us are!

In fact, I myself am more of a creative and business person… but that is also why this appealed to me. I like business… I like new business… I like the idea of making money helping people. My day job is a website designer and builder – but I ONLY do small business. This is where I have always wanted to sit and feel comfortable knowing that I can help small business budgets with big business skills!

How it started for me

Vicky who came to me to build a website for her Protandim Business – she started before it even launched here in the UK – and I was curious. It was after I heard myself telling a Pilates Teacher I had a meeting with about her website all about Protandim (hardly mentioned the website!) that a thought flew across my brain that I could actually get involved in it.

Cut a long story short… here I am. Growing a small Network Marketing Business alongside my ‘day job’ and absolutely loving it.

Network Marketing Professional

I read up on everything I could about becoming a Network Marketing Professional (am still learning and always will be) – but it is the best thing I did. You do have to take it seriously – as a business. And the four things that should be right when starting in the network marketing industry were right for me and LifeVantage:

  1. Right people in the team (love them… support is incredible)
  2. Right company
  3. Right product
  4. Right timing

So all is aligned. The business is growing and we are getting the message out there about this amazing product.

We hope you will join us either as a customer or even as a distributor… either way. Thank you for visiting our site and our first blog!