Reduce Oxidative Stress? ZAP IT!

  • Do you find yourself feeling tired? but not able to get a full nights sleep.
  • Do you find yourself waking up during the night?
  • Do you feel your stress levels are increasing?
  • Do you feel you wake up foggy/groggy even if you haven’t been out on the town!!
  • Do you feel like someone has zapped your energy?

Oxidative stress is literally the body oxidizing from the inside out. It’s aging. It’s the cause of 200 serious, common diseases… and we need to reduce it. That is why everyone is always going on about eating more antioxidants.

But, to be honest, to fight the bombardment of pollution and stresses of modern life we cannot eat the amount of anti oxidants that we really need. It’s nearly impossible… and not only that, too much exercise can also increase oxidative stress because we breathe much more heavily when exercising and so breathe in much more oxygen!

Strain and Stress of Life

Any of these could be the body’s reaction to oxidative stress which is a natural response to the stresses and strains of life and the pollutants we encounter daily, for example. foods, transport and fuel pollution.

This may manifest itself in our body in food intolerance, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, migraines, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Studies have shown that oxidative stress is the base form of all ailments and illnesses.

Fixing The Natural Way

But luckily there is a way to combat this in a healthy natural way through a supplement with 5 herbs, and the synergy of these is proven to decrease your oxidative stress by 40% in just one month.  Gives your body its youthfulness back, anti ageing from inside.  Making the cells in our bodies work like they used to when we are young.

Feedback from people taking Protandim


“..within days of taking it was I was sleeping like a baby, no waking during the night, waking feeling really

“……..I am a coeliac, have one kidney and usually suffer from sinusitis all winter long. I feel fantastic, I’ve had no headaches or sinusitis since October…..”

“…..The usual muscle fatigue you get from exercising is almost non-existent and I find I can really push myself in the gym…..”

You need to reduce oxidative stress

PROTANDIM IS CLINICALLY AND SCIENTIFCALLY PROVEN TO REDUCE OXIDATIVE STRESS BY 40-70% in our bodies in 30 days. All the scientific and independent research is there. Check this out on Google Scholar