Serious About Health?

What does “Serious About Health” exactly look like? We are all told every day everywhere about all the benefits about being healthy… but what really does that mean?

It’s different in everyone; depends on your current age… your life-style, your previous life-style (miss or well/spent youth!).

What is the Changing Point for Thinking About Health?

I think that turning a significant ‘age’ can really propel people into seriously looking at their health and the implications of what they are doing / eating and how that can affect you in the future. Because that is when it matters.

Most of us don’t ‘look’ at being serious about health until it jumps up and bites us on the nose… and not in a good way.

My Personal Changing Point

49. My 49th birthday was the turning point for me. I was overweight, in a marriage I didn’t want to be in and 50 was the next step… so I had a bit of a ‘yikes moment’.

The day after my 49th birthday – on the 24th of March 2009 I decided to change my life. I stopped drinking alcohol, went on a VLC (very low calorie) diet.

By my 50th birthday on March 23rd 2010 I had lost over 3 stone. I felt AMAZING. I was determined to be fit and fifty not fat and fifty.

Now, nearly 7 years later I still don’t drink alcohol… I have put on only about 10lbs. Divorced my husband and found another one! BIG CHANGE.

Seriously Serious

So I decided NOT to go back to drinking alcohol and not go go back to eating butter… random but it was a choice. The alcohol was such an amazing decision and I am THAT serious about my health.

Out With Vitamins, in With Protandim

So when I saw Protandim, saw what it did… up-regulating my own DNA to increase my own antioxidants… better by far than any vitamins – it just made sense! I am not very good at eating fruit so this was just a great solution. Taking just one Protandim a day is equal to eating 360 oranges, or 11kg of blueberries… and so on. The cost of doing that would be prohibitive, let alone the consumption challenges!

So that is how serious about health that I am and will continue to be. How serious are you about yours? Do the research and hopefully you will come to the same conclusion that we have.

Thank you

Carol x